Why Should You Choose Professional Rug Cleaning Glendora?

July 25, 2016 by admin

Homeowners spend a fortune on rugs and hence it goes without saying that timely maintenance is mandatory. Despite regular home maintenance rug also need professional support. For this trust only reputed carpet cleaning Glendora. Professional rug cleaning company uses exhaustive methods to get back the lost sheen back on the rugs. Some of the cleaning methods include steam cleaning, hot water extraction, wet shampooing, bonnet cleaning, etc. To increase the life of your rug, it is important to get them cleaning regularly. The dirt and grime that is deposited over a period have to be removed to increase the wear age of the rug.


Some rug cleaning services in Glendora use shampoo method. Foam is generated on the rug and once the foam dries, the residue attaches to the soil that is removed by vacuuming. Sometimes the foam is left for a day for the foam to attract the soil. Rug shampoo contains the foamy chemical. Sodium lauryl sulfate is used to generate foam. Since this compound leaves a sticky residue that can cause soiling, the anti-resoling additive will be used to reduce this stickiness. Cylindrical foam and rotary shampoo are used to generate foam. Dry cleaning method uses a dry absorbent compound. Using mechanical brush the rug is cleaned thoroughly. This is an organic cleaning process. There is no drying time as the whole process is done without the use of water.


Hot water extraction method is referred to as steam cleaning as well. Depending on the type of the different rug chemicals are used. Extraction is a process where water is used lavishly. Use of extra fans can be used to dry up the rug. Rugs with natural foundation yarn shrink after extraction method, but newer rugs that are synthetic in nature do not shrink. Bonnet cleaning process involves hard floor spray buffing. The carpet is cleaned by rotary or oscillating adaptation using a stiff brush. Carbonated water is used to improve soil suspension to reduce the pH. The dry compound is another rug cleaning method that uses 98% biodegradable cleaning compound. This compound is spread on the rug and scrubbed. All the dirt and grime attached to the rug is attracted to the compound that is later vacuumed off.
The rug cleaning Glendora services should choose the right kind of rug cleaning technique that is suitable for your rugs. Especially when there are children and pets at home, it is important to deep clean your rugs to avoid health hazards. Do not attempt to clean the carpet yourself as it does not yield the desired results. Overusing or under using the cleaning agents or the equipment can damage the rug. Spending on a professional rug cleaning company can serve the purpose. Microscopic organisms like mites are dangerous and requires specialized cleaning. Professional cleaning your rugs at least once in a year is advisable. Locate a rug cleaning company in Glendora and reap benefits.

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